Fatih TAN | Senior Software Engineer

Fatih TAN

Senior Software Engineer

Ottoo Software and Consultancy Inc. Senior Backend Developer Previous: BA Legal Software and Consultancy Inc. Education: Bahçeşehir University Software Engineering
Fatih TAN | Senior Software Engineer

Who Am I

Hello! My name is Fatih Tan, a proud alumnus of Bahcesehir University's Software Engineering Department in Istanbul. Since 2013, I have been immersed in the field of software development, contributing to various organizations.

My core expertise spans across web, web service, mobile, and data science applications. Additionally, with the rising popularity of AI over the last five years, I have focused on providing innovative software solutions and consultancy services, particularly in data interpretation, processing, and utilization.

Beyond business development, my passion extends to education. I teach software and project development to students worldwide, covering the complete software system lifecycle. This includes system design, development, and the methodologies essential for successful project launches.

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From Dec 2020 To Present


BA Legal Software and Consultancy Inc. İzmir, Turkey

Software Engineer & Poject Team Lead | Software Departmant

I am developing software projects used in the company and products served to customers using .NET, Swift, JAVA software technologies on various platforms such as Web, Web Service, Desktop and Mobile.

From May 2019 To Dec 2021

(2 years 7 months)

Dixie7 Software and Consultancy İzmir, Turkey

Founder, Software Developer | Software Departmant

The unofficial foundation date is 2013. It officially started operating in May 2019. With Dixie7, I have been serving in the fields of software development, training and consultancy since the second year of university. You can find the details of the projects I have developed such as Instagram Lottery, Oberyn, Studio, Mors in the Projects section.

From May 2018 To Mar 2021

(2 years 9 months)

CodeLineX Software and Consultancy Inc. İstanbul, Turkey

Co-Founder, Software Developer | Software Departmant

It is a software and consultancy company that we have established with 3 main partners and 1 investor partner. Two projects named Reception TV and Kare TV, which were developed in .NET environment. It is a web-based project that includes an Advertising Automation System, created to be broadcast on the screens or televisions of our target audience, cafes and restaurants. The technical details of the project can be found in the Projects section.

From Feb 2018 To Dec 2020

(2 years 10 months)

Partner İstanbul Software and Consultancy Inc. İzmir, Turkey

Software Engineer & Poject Team Lead | Software Departmant

I developed so many projects and products within the company, including Web, Web Service, Desktop and Mobile technologies.

From Agu 2017 To Feb 2018

(6 Months)

CicekSepeti.com İstanbul, Turkey

Software Developer | Software Development Departmant

I developed software with .NET using C# in backoffice MVC projects (CMS, Product Management, Order Management and Tracking, Branch Screens).

From Feb 2017 To Apr 2017

(3 Months)

Bahçeşehir University Distance Education Unit İstanbul, Turkey

Software Developer | IT Departmant

I contributed to the development of a web project that academicians can use in the distance education unit with the Adobe Connect API by using .NET technology.

From Mar 2016 To Sep 2016

(6 Months)

Vektor Telekom Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management İstanbul, Turkey

Software Developer | Software Departmant

Using the AngularJS framework, I established connections to Web Services based on CRUD operations in the web application that customers use. In addition, I interprete the responses of these connections via AngularJS. I did jobs like adding components in the application, restructuring the existing component by using Google Maps and Cercalia maps providers.

From Jun 2015 To Sep 2015

(3 Months)

BİMSA International Business, Information and Management Systems Inc. İstanbul, Turkey

Intern | e-Commerce Directorate (Teknosa.com)

I examined source codes of Web U.I and Server-Side in Visual Studio 2013 TFS environment. In local machine, I observed the project’s database connections and database operations by debugging. In addtion, I wrote the documents about 3rd party extensions which is integrated into the projects.

From Jul 2014 To Sep 2014

(2 Months)

Tacirler Investment Securities Inc. İstanbul, Turkey

Intern | Software Application and Development Department

I programmed robotic software apps of investment algorithms by using MQL4 programming language. In addition, I assisted to programme and develop an application based-windows and based-web by referring MQL4 API in .NET C#.


Bahçeşehir University

Software Engineering - Bachelor Degree

2012 - 2017

Bahçeşehir University

Industrial Engineering (Optimization) – Minor Program

2015 - 2017


Frameworks .NET Core 3.1 .NET 8.0
Languages C# JAVA C/C++ JS Swift Python
ORM EF Core 6 EF 7/8 Dapper Migrations Scaffolding ADO.NET
DB RDBMS (sql, mysql, npsql) NoSql (mongo)
Infra OOP Core-Data-Service Design Patterns Events Handlers Microservices
Cloud AWS (SQS, Lambda, Dynamo) Azure
Cache Redis Memory Cache
Open Src. NopCommerce .Nethereum
Messaging Hangfire RabbitMQ Confluent Kafka Elastic Search
Special MQL 4/5 Investment Software Robots Analytical Geometry
Test TDD execution nUnit Moq
Post Prod Docker Kubernetes CI/CD yaml
CLI git ssh powershell sudo windows batch redis plesk pm dotnet
Blockchain Solidity Contracts (eth based)
Web Development ASP.NET Web Form ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET .Core MVC
Mobile Development iOS (Swift) Android (JAVA)
Web Services ASP.NET MVC Web API 2 ASP.NET Core Web API Python (Flask, Django) JAVA
Desktop JAVA (Swing, FX) Python Tkinter
Additional Technologies Cryptology Fibonacci Socket Hash (MD5, SHAs)


  • Turkish Turkish - Native
    EnglishEnglish - Advanced
    Spanish Spanish - A2


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